Team 11-13-14-23-24 Citizens Committee Update

ReNew Oxnard Team 11-13-14-23-24 Citizens Committee Update

In this post, CivicMic shares ReNew Oxnard's Team 11-13-14-23-24 Citizens Committee Update. We appreciate all of the volunteers who have been participating in the citizens committee for ReNew Oxnard Team 11-13-14-23-24 in their effort to meaningfully engage their fellow community members in finding solutions to revitalize the following Oxnard communities:

  • California Cove
  • Greystone
  • Le Village
  • St. Tropez
  • Vineyards

ReNew Oxnard Team 11-13-14-23-24 Citizens Committee Update

Citizens committee members have been actively involved in performing outreach by walking the community, sharing the City 311 link, and asking around to see if any community members, such as landscape architects or horticulturists, are willing to donate their time for clean-up events. After two meetings, this team is still working to determine support for ongoing community clean-up days, volunteer efforts, or funding improvements through the City.

Next Steps for ReNew Oxnard Program

The committee's next meeting is set for Tuesday, May 4th, where we will discuss the level of interest for these efforts in the community and determine the next steps for the program. Please note that we cannot move forward in this neighborhood without sufficient interest, so the more participation and involvement we have, the likelier we are to successfully continue in the effort to meet the objectives of these communities.

Participation is crucial in the collaborative governance process and more volunteers are still needed. If you would like to get involved and join the citizens' committee, please email Danielle at to volunteer.

City contact information


Questions? Contact, or by phone: (805) 385-7578.

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