Team 16-37 Citizens Commitee Update

ReNew Oxnard Team 16-37 Citizens Committee Update

In this post, CivicMic shares ReNew Oxnard's Team 16-37 citizens committee update. Volunteers have been participating in the citizens committee for ReNew Oxnard Team 16-37 in an effort to engage fellow community members in finding solutions to revitalize the following Oxnard communities:

  • California Lighthouse
  • Pacific Breeze

ReNew Oxnard Team 16-37 Citizens Committee Update: California Lighthouse

CivicMic has met with the citizens committee members for the California Lighthouse community several times to discuss landscaping maintenance goals, as well as the best financing solutions to support them.

The members of the citizens committee have been engaging with property owners in the California Lighthouse community about implementing certain changes regarding the current landscaping as well as ongoing maintenance in the neighborhood. A Community Vision Report has been created which outlines the desired objectives of the members to enhance the visual presentation of the community. At present, the committee members are considering different financing options including taking over the landscaping maintenance. Details are being reviewed with the HOA Board to determine the scope and feasibility of these financing options. This project may require multiple phases to be successfully completed.

Project Vision

In the proposed project vision, the committee members would like to make perimeter improvements to 7th Street, 9th Street, and Ventura Road Frontage, as well as some potential improvements to the median.

Some examples of the improvements are:

  1. Creating a landscape at the entrance that is similar to the Gallery’s (at the intersection of Victoria and Ventura) (pictures shown below).


Team 16-37 Citizens Commitee Update 1

2.  Potentially commissioning a landscape architect to draw up a new conceptualization of the Ventura Road frontage properties. The preference is for the properties to be revamped entirely, ideally with drought-tolerant low-maintenance plants for aesthetics.

Team 16-37 Citizens Commitee Update 2

ReNew Oxnard Team 16-37 Citizens Committee Update: Pacific Breeze

At present, there is limited community participation in the Pacific Breeze neighborhood. Volunteers needed! Participation is crucial in moving forward with this collaborative governance process.

If you are interested in participating in the ReNew Oxnard program for Pacific Breeze or learning more about the proposed project for the California Lighthouse community, please email Danielle at

City contact information


Questions? Contact, or by phone: (805) 385-7578.

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