Renew Oxnard Team 25-52-55

Renew Oxnard Team 25-52-55 Citizens Committee Update

In this post, CivicMic shares ReNew Oxnard’s Team 25-52-55 citizens committee update. We appreciate all the volunteers that have been working diligently to engage the community in the collaborative governance process to improve the landscaping and revitalize the neighborhood.

Renew Oxnard Team 25-52-55 Citizens Committee Update

The citizens committee has been working to engage community members to obtain support to move forward with improvements to the landscaping in the neighborhoods. Members from The Pointe neighborhood have been handing out flyers for a community meeting in a resident’s garage to discuss specific goals and priorities for improvements and solutions, including volunteering and funding options. Currently, the main priority is the maintenance of trees in the neighborhood. The members' efforts have resulted in some community support, but not enough to approach the City about the next steps yet.

Members from Wingfield West and Wingfield have not had sufficient support from neighbors to make any changes to the landscaping improvements.

Participation is vital to move forwards with the collaborative governance process to improve the neighborhoods of Oxnard. If you would like to get involved, please email Danielle at

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The City of Oxnard wishes to engage constituents in a collaborative governance effort to find and implement solutions for the revitalization and long-term viability of public improvements in and around various neighborhoods in the City thus protecting real estate values and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Solutions are expected to include the creation of citizen advisory committees, ongoing monitoring, and adaptive management techniques to ensure the sustainability of desired outcomes and successful implementation of the agreed-upon solutions.

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