Rio Del Mar Flats Ballot Results

Rio Del Mar Flats Ballot Results

The County of Santa Cruz ("County") initially secured grant funding for the construction of a pump station that would have been used with the objective of preventing frequent flooding and rainfall ponding in the Rio Del Mar Flats area. In order to obtain the grant funding, the County needed to provide an additional funding source to cover the cost of ongoing operation and maintenance services for the pump station. The County considered forming an Assessment District as a possible solution.  On August 24, 2021, the Board conducted a public hearing where they heard objections and protests and directed the Elections Department to tabulate the submitted ballots. On September 14, 2021, they continued the hearing to allow for the tabulation and certification of the Rio Del Mar Flats ballot results.

Rio Del Mar Flats Ballot Results

A total of 321 ballots were received and tabulated by the Elections Department. Of the ballots received, 120 were votes in favor of the Assessment, and 192 were in opposition. This means that 61.2% of votes received were against the Assessment, while 38.8% supported it. Considering that the majority of the voters opposed the Assessment, it did not pass. As a result, the proposed formation of the Rio Del Mar Flats Benefit Assessment District will not be moving forward. Without the formation of the Assessment District to cover the cost of the maintenance and operation of the pump station, there will not be sufficient funding. Consequently, the grant funds that the County initially secured for the construction of the pump station will not be accepted.

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