Rio Vista Storm Drain Fee Adjustments: Community Engagement & Next Steps

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The City of Rio Vista's Municipal Rates and Utilities Committee (MRUC) thanks all residents who have engaged with the proposed storm drain fee adjustments. Whether you viewed the website, read a flier, attended a council or committee meeting, asked questions online, or called in – your participation and insights are very important as we navigate these changes together.

Recap of Recent Meetings:

Community Meeting Highlights: The recent Storm Drain Fee Open House community meeting had many insightful questions raised by community members. One question asked by many was about the proposed 8.25% annual increase. The City and the MRUC clarified that this 8.25% annual increase is part of a proposed rate adjustment needed to address operational and capital needs, as the storm drain fee has not been raised since 1989. This approach is intended to meet the financial needs of the storm drain system and provide property owners with a gradual increase.  The annual increase will be effective over 4 years starting with the 2025/26 fiscal year and ending with the 2028/29 fiscal year.

City Council Meeting on June 4, 2024: On June 4th, the City Council approved moving forward with the proposed fee adjustments, after owners of only 75 of the 5,978 parcels subject to the Storm Drain Fee submitted written protests.

Next Steps:

Ballots Distribution:

  • Ballots were mailed on June 13th will begin arriving in mailboxes in the next few days. Please watch for them in your mail.
  • These ballots give property owners the chance to decide on the proposed storm drain fee adjustments. Your participation is crucial.

Why Participation Matters:

The proposed adjustments aim to improve our storm drain system and reduce flood risks throughout the community. These improvements are vital for protecting homes, streets, and public spaces from flooding and ensuring cleaner water flows through the drainage systems. By participating in this process, residents help shape the future of Rio Vista’s infrastructure and sustainability.

The last time these fees were adjusted was in 1989, over three decades ago. Since then, the community has grown, and the demands on the storm drain system have increased. The proposed fee adjustments are necessary to maintain strong and reliable infrastructure in our city. Thank you once again for your engagement and commitment to the community.

View your properties proposed rates HERE.

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