Rio Vista’s Utilities Rate Studies: A Transparent Path Forward

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Two engineers standing above water utility pipes representing Rio Vista Utilities Rate Studies

Rio Vista's Utilities Rate Studies: A Transparent Path Forward

The City of Rio Vista is embarking on an essential journey to ensure the provision of utility services (Water, Wastewater and Storm drain fees) meet both present and future needs within our community. This undertaking includes a detailed examination of Infrastructure, Operations, Regulatory, and Environmental changes over both short-term (approximately 5 years) and long-term (20-50-100 years) periods.

As part of the efforts to preserve its friendly, safe, and small-town character, significant steps are being taken to align Rio Vista's utilities with the growth, aspirations, and compliance of our city with current and future environmental laws, all while keeping funding aligned with today's and projected costs within our community.

Diving Deeper into Rio Vista's Utilities

Rio Vista has partnered with NBS, a leader in financial and engineering services, to conduct comprehensive rate studies on:

  • Water: Determining the appropriate charges to support and enhance the water utility for our community.
  • Stormwater: Addressing contemporary challenges in rainwater management and pollution control within our community.
  • Wastewater: Ensuring that sewage management meets both current needs and future demands for our community.

Engagement with CivicMic – A Platform for Open Communication

To ensure transparent and consistent communication within our community, the City of Rio Vista has enlisted the expertise of CivicMic, a web based platform by NBS. CivicMic has successfully helped our community openly communicate details about rate studies, fostering trust and understanding among residents.

Staying Informed and Engaged

Rio Vista encourages all residents of our community to visit and sign up here for regular updates on the studies and initiatives. Transparency and comprehensive information are priorities, and the insights and perspectives of our community are highly valued. This combined approach aims to ensure that Rio Vista continues to thrive as a harmonious and well-informed community.

A Commitment to Growth and Character

In Rio Vista, there's a shared commitment to creating a space where the residents of our city can live, work, and play. With informed decisions and community cohesion, the city will continue to grow while retaining the charm and character that everyone in our community loves.

For more information on Rio Vista's utilities rate studies and other initiatives within our community, please visit and the City of Rio Vista Municipal Rates & Utilities Committee page.


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