San Leandro Proposed Levees

San Leandro Proposed Levees: Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection

San Leandro Proposed Levees:  The City of San Leandro has proposed the formation of an assessment district to fund the construction of a levee at 13145 - 13165 Neptune Drive near the intersection of Neptune Drive and Marina Boulevard. The levee is one of two San Leandro proposed levees being designed to provide flood protection and remove properties, recently designated, from the flood zone.

Important:  Formation of the proposed assessment district must be approved by the affected property owners.  The City can't form an assessment district without property owner approval.

On April 16, 2015, FEMA released a preliminary Flood Insurance Study together with preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps that increased the base flood elevation for areas within San Leandro that front on San Francisco Bay. As a result, properties not previously within Zone AE will be within the flood zone upon the adoption of the study and maps. To provide flood protection for these properties by removing them from the flood zone, certified levees can be constructed at two locations as follows (circled in yellow on the map above):

  1. Neptune Drive near the intersection of Neptune Drive and Marina Boulevard.
  2. Northside of San Leandro Creek Line A.

The City has initiated a project to design and construct the first levee near Neptune Drive. The total cost of the project is expected to be about $1.2M The cost is anticipated to be paid by the proposed assessment district, with a reduction in cost if the City is successful in obtaining grant funding. Post-construction operation and maintenance costs will be borne by the City.

The second levee north of San Leandro Creek is being designed and constructed by the Alameda Flood Control and Water Conservation District, with no financial participation by the City. Please visit this page for updates and opportunities for engagement.

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