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San Leandro Survey Questions Answered for Informational Meeting

San Leandro Survey Questions Answered for Informational Meeting: CivicMic continues to receive responses on a survey to determine the best date and time in July for an informational meeting to be hosted by the City of San Leandro. The topic of the meeting is the proposed construction of a levee and possible formation of an assessment district. Please click here to visit our San Leandro page to take the survey, read previous posts, and obtain copies of important documents.

We have received many good questions from the Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection survey! There are two previous posts answering many of the questions received. Please click here to read the first post. Please click here to read the second post. Your participation and that of your neighbors is very important! We would like to have as many attend the meeting as possible. Please use the "Share this:" buttons at the bottom of the post to share this post in social media with your neighbors so many can take the survey and help us pick the best dates. Click here to join our Facebook Group!

In the meantime, we are gathering and researching your questions to get answers here and at the informational meeting. Below are the latest questions and don't forget to read our previous posts (links provided above) with additional questions and answers.

Question: How will construction impact me?

Answer: No road closures are planned. There may be traffic delays in the vicinity of Neptune and Marina Boulevard when equipment and trucks enter the roadway. Dust will be controlled with water but there will be construction noise between 8 AM and 6 PM.

Question: What assurance do owners have that the construction of the levee will for certain remove properties from the flood zone designation and the owner's requirement to secure flood insurance for the mortgage loans?

Answer: The City will submit plans to FEMA prior to hiring a contractor. FEMA will review and agree that the proposed work will provide flood protection before construction begins. If FEMA isn't in agreement, the City will address their concerns and resubmit plans for approval. Note: This project only addresses the current potential for flooding but the risk of flooding may increase in the future if the climate changes significantly.

The City can't comment on individual lender requirements for flood insurance. Property owners should contact their lenders to learn the guidelines for flood insurance requirements. Note: This project will reduce the risk of flooding to less than 1% per year but there will still be a risk. Generally, the smaller the risk - the lower the insurance premiums. The City recommends that everyone carry flood insurance for additional protection.

Question: Are grant funds available for this work?

Answer: The City has been unsuccessful in obtaining grants for this work. Applications were submitted to FEMA for two different rounds of funding. There are no open eligible grants at this time.

Question: Are the railroad, golf course, and restaurants going to be included in the proposed assessment district? Who all is included?

Answer: The proposed assessment district will include only properties recently re-designated to be in the flood zone (previously not in the flood zone). The proposed assessment district will not include properties previously designated to be in the flood zone that remain in the flood zone and parcels previously designated not to be in the flood zone that remain not in the flood zone.

The railroad and restaurants along the Marina are on land that is above the flood elevation and does not benefit from the project. The 9-hole golf course is included in the proposed assessment district. Please click here to see a map of the properties eligible (shown red on this map) to be included in the proposed assessment district.

Please read the instructions below and click here to see a map with pop-up information showing the comparison between the 2009 and 2018 flood zone designations by FEMA. Zoom in (very close) to the parcels on the left panel and left-click on a parcel in purple. Parcels in purple experienced the change in designation. In the pop-up, compare the SFHA 2018 with the SFHA 2009 value. See the picture below.


Flood Zone Designation Comparison


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