San Leandro Survey Questions

San Leandro Survey Questions Received for Informational Meeting

San Leandro Survey Questions Received for Informational Meeting: CivicMic continues to receive responses on a survey to determine the best date and time in July for an informational meeting to be hosted by the City of San Leandro. The topic of the meeting is the proposed construction of a levee and possible formation of an assessment district. Please click here to visit our San Leandro page to take the survey, read previous posts, and obtain copies of important documents.

We have received many good questions from the Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection survey! Please click here to read our previous post addressing some of the questions. Your participation and that of your neighbors is very important! We would like to have as many attend the meeting as possible. Please use the "Share this:" buttons at the bottom of the post to share this post in social media with your neighbors so many can take the survey and help us pick the best dates. Click here to join our Facebook Group!

In the meantime, we are gathering and researching your questions to get you answers here and at the informational meeting. Below are the latest questions and don't forget to read our previous post with additional questions and answers.

Question: How will construction impact me?

Answer: This is a great question! CivicMic will get the 411 from the Engineering and Transportation Department at the City to share how actual construction (equipment, noise, dust, road closures, etc., if any) at the informational meeting.

Question: How long will the current levee status affect our flood insurance rates?

Answer: We believe the question refers to how long will the current flood zone designation by FEMA affect flood insurance rates? FEMA re-designated the properties into the flood zone designation which resulted in an increase in insurance premiums. The construction of the levee would remove the properties from the flood zone designation thus resulting in lower insurance premiums. The increase in insurance premiums would remain until construction of the levee or if for other reasons FEMA removes the properties from the flood zone designation. The key question then becomes: Will the proposed annual assessment to fund the construction of the levee be less or more than the savings to be achieved in insurance premiums resulting from the construction of the levee and removal of the properties by FEMA from the flood zone designation? Please read the next question.

Question: How does the increase in insurance premiums caused by FEMA's re-designation of the properties compare to the annual assessment amount?

Answer: At this time we are unable to run this comparison because we don't have estimated annual assessment numbers ready yet. We will have estimates for the informational meeting. We are very interested in seeing this comparison and believe it to be a critical consideration for property owners. Please email CivicMic your annual increase in insurance premium and we will incorporate it into the comparison tables. Email to:

Question: Will there be a cost assessed to property owners in the affected area to construct the levee? What is the increase in property taxes?

Answer: Yes, the cost will be assessed on the affected properties if the formation of the assessment district is approved collectively by the affected property owners through a ballot procedure. The City can't form the assessment district and "tax" the properties without the ballot procedure. As to the increase in property taxes...per the previous question...we expect to have estimated amounts to present at the informational meeting.

Question: What assurance do owners have that the construction of the levee will for certain remove properties from the flood zone designation and the owner's requirement to secure flood insurance for the mortgage loans?

Answer: Excellent question! CivicMic will get answers from the Engineering and Transportation Department at the City to share at the informational meeting.

Please keep sharing and read previous posts on this topic by CivicMic. Looking for all the information? Start on the main page!


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