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Adaptive Management

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Collaborative Governance

Ongoing outreach, public engagement, and adaptive management are vital in facilitating the governance objectives of public agencies. CivicMic assists civil servants in creating community goals and addressing core challenges. CivicMic provides a platform for government to connect issues to a specific target audience. As a service from NBS, CivicMic is uniquely qualified to provide collaborative governance services for local government revenue streams and related programs.

A New Age

Collaborative governance through "digital democracy" continues to grow in importance as new generations rely heavily in technology to obtain information and engage in every aspect of their lives. Technology and social media are a key part in many people's lives making online surveying and participation perhaps the most effective way to get opinions of the community. CivicMic allows constituents to get involved in decision-making and results from the engagement process are readily available which makes everyone feel a part of the governance process.

CivicMic A New Age

Next Steps...

The collaborative governance services provided by CivicMic continue to develop and evolve to meet the changing needs of the community.  These services are quickly becoming a required focus with public trust in government at historic lows.

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