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Stanislaus County Community Infrastructure Projects: Health, Safety, and Transportation

CivicMic works with Stanislaus County to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for the County's urban pockets and unincorporated communities. The County is looking to make investments to improve health and safety throughout these areas. Find your neighborhood's current project below.

Image showing example of street improvements after completion in stanislaus county (sidewalk, storm drain additions)

ARPA Funds in Action

Stanislaus County is continuously working to address infrastructure needs within unincorporated development neighborhoods, with public health and safety as its guiding priority.

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stanislaus modal transportation bike lane

New Bike/Walk Path Connecting Neighborhoods

Are you passionate about making your community safer, more accessible, and better connected? Your participation will help us secure state funding to make it happen!

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worker standing near sewer truck and manhole cover with hose representing colorado rouse sewer project cover

Colorado/Rouse Sewer Project

Your neighborhood has been selected by Stanislaus County for a possible free upgrade from your current septic system to the city sewer line.

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