Downtown Tulare

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Downtown Tulare Virtual Meeting: Reserve Your Spot

The City of Tulare, alongside the Tulare Downtown Association, extends a warm invitation to you for an important virtual community meeting. This gathering is a key moment for your voice to be heard as we delve into shaping the future of Downtown Tulare.

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Downtown Tulare: Revitalization Through Collaboration

Downtown Tulare: Revitalization Through Collaboration Hello Tulare Community! We’re excited to share some transformative plans for Downtown Tulare revitalization, spearheaded by the City of Tulare and the Downtown Association. This isn’t just about new buildings or fresh coats of paint. We’re aiming for a holistic development to uplift the cultural, social, and economic life of the Tulare community. Our Vision We see a Downtown Tulare that’s not just revitalized but also vibrant and inclusive. This means an area bustling with local businesses, cultural events, and community activities that cater to residents and visitors of all ages. Our goal is to …

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