Bonded Community Facilities Districts

Introduction to Bonded Community Facilities Districts

Background What are Community Facilities Districts? Community Facilities Districts (“CFDs”), also known as Mello-Roos Districts, are special tax districts that were created in 1982 through the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 as a means of obtaining additional public funding and financing for various services and infrastructural improvements in California by imposing special taxes on property. In bonded CFDs, improvements are funded through the sale of land-secured municipal bonds. Property owners within the district boundaries pay an annual special tax until the debt service on the bonds is completely paid off over a designated period. CFDs were created by and […]

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Mandalay Bay Seawalls

Mandalay Bay Seawalls

Background The Mandalay Bay seawalls were built in the mid-1960s to create waterways throughout the newly built homes in the then new Mandalay Bay community. Two types of seawalls were constructed: the Boise, on the eastern part of the development, and the Zurn, on the western portion. They were constructed according to the building codes at the time, which were not as sophisticated and considerate of environmental factors such as seismic activity or soil and structure responses as the current codes. Why Do the Mandalay Bay Seawalls Need to be Replaced? The seawalls need to be replaced for the following

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An Introduction to CFDs

An Introduction to CFDs

Video: What are Community Facilities Districts? Click the button to watch the video for an introduction to Community Facilities Districts (“CFDs”). Click Here to Watch the Video Want to receive updates? Subscribe to receive updates via email and get a free copy of the NBS Primer on Special Financing Districts! Click Here to Subscribe Please use the “Share this:” buttons at the bottom so your neighbors can sign up to receive update emails and participate in the process! Looking for more information? Please visit our main page for the City of Oxnard! Oxnard Main Page Looking for just the data?

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