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TerraCare Associates: LLMDs 7, 11, and 13

In this post, CivicMic shares an update on maintenance services being provided by TerraCare Associates for LLMDs No. 7 (Rolling Hills), 11 (Paradise Valley), & 13 (North Cordelia).

Update on Maintenance Services

On January 1st, the City welcomed TerraCare Associates as the new landscape maintenance service provider for LLMDs No. 7 (Rolling Hills), No. 11 (Paradise Valley), and No. 13 (North Cordelia). The new contractor took the last month to become more familiar with each district’s maintenance needs and assist in recent storm clean-up efforts.

You may have noticed work vehicles with TerraCare Associates, Monarch Landscape, or Jensen Landscape company logos around your neighborhood. Rest assured, TerraCare and Jensen are part of the Monarch family of landscape companies, and you may continue to see vehicles and equipment from these partner companies while TerraCare settles into its new role.

The City would like to provide weekly landscape maintenance updates to the three communities as part of the expanding communication plan. The updates are intended to be brief and highlight key landscape maintenance efforts. Weekly communications may include, but not be limited to, descriptions of completed and planned maintenance activities, pictures, maps, or other similar content.

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3 thoughts on “TerraCare Associates: LLMDs 7, 11, and 13”

  1. I hope Terra Care will okay. The Eastridge BOD just let them go not long ago for the poor job they were doing. I hope they will be monitored. As to Green Valley Road and it’s central island/median which has been so neglected for so long, will there ever be any effort made to remove and replace dead trees and to restore the flowers that were there as well as the weeds springing up at the end of this median where there used to be flowers? This would apply long Mangels Road as well where dead bushes have been sitting for a long while. the last time I spoke to Chris who works for the city, she said they hoped that these projects would be up and running again by this past October and they weren’t. Can you provide an update?

    1. Hello Sue,

      Here is the answer from the city: Per the current contract, shrub pruning is 3X a year (April, July, and October) and shrubs will be pruned, and dead plants removed during those timeframes. There is no plant replacement fund. The contractor sprays for weeds weekly and applies pre-emergent a couple times a year. The previous contractor did not apply the pre-emergent so we are fighting a lot of new growth from the rains, and it will take a little time to get caught up on weeds. Tree pruning is completed 2X a year (March and December) so the contractor will be starting this next week. Dead trees will be removed as needed, and again there is no replacement fund. Finally, the annual color planting and replacements that was 4X a year in previous contracts, is not in the current contract. We intend to build reserves in future years for plant/tree replacement if the new district is approved.

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