Neptune Drive Project Survey

Third Neptune Drive Project Survey

In this post, CivicMic shares the third Neptune Drive Project survey to determine interest levels in the proposed formation of a benefit assessment district to finance the construction of a new levee near the intersection of Neptune Drive and Marina Boulevard. The proposed levee would be funded by special assessments added to the property tax bill of approximately 1,055 parcels that were designated by FEMA as being in the 100-year flood zone. Click here to view the proposed boundaries and the updated assessment rates for each parcel. Ultimately, construction of the levee would result in FEMA redesignating the parcels as no longer being in the flood zone. Once the Flood Insurance Rate Maps are revised to reflect that change, mortgage companies will no longer require flood insurance. FEMA typically completes their review and map revisions in 3-4 months of the City's request.

For FEMA to consider a location to be a flood risk zone, the ground level of the area must be below the calculated water elevation. The edge of the flood risk zone is located where the land rises above the calculated water elevation.

CivicMic sent out two initial surveys to determine community interest in both the formation of the assessment district and the construction of the levee. The City of San Leandro and CivicMic then hosted three virtual community meetings in order to inform San Leandro residents about this potential project, the prospective timeline, and where it stands. The objective of the third Neptune Drive Project survey is to further gauge both community support and knowledgeability of the project.

To learn more about benefit assessment districts or get background project information, click the links below:

Cost Estimate

Approximate Assessments

Third Neptune Drive Project Survey

Thank you for your participation. This survey is now closed.

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