Update for Rolling Hills

Update for Rolling Hills and Paradise Valley

In this post, CivicMic shares an update for Rolling Hills LLMD No. 7 and Paradise Valley LLMD No. 11 regarding maintenance services.

Additional Maintenance Services Begin in LLMDs No. 7 – Rolling Hills and No. 11 – Paradise Valley!

Additional maintenance services in LLMDs No. 7 – Rolling Hills and No. 11 – Paradise Valley began during the first week of July. These services include lawn edging and weed control for ground cover areas in the Rolling Hills area, and general clean-up and weed control on the trails behind Couples Circle and Paradise 360, and the trail near Interstate 80 in the Paradise Valley area.

Contractors will complete the initial clean-up in phases throughout the month of July, and perform regular maintenance thereafter.

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3 thoughts on “Update for Rolling Hills and Paradise Valley”

  1. paradise valley maintenance (7) the new landscaping company does NOT have enough staff to properly maintain Paradise Valley Dr.
    The City of Fairfield & Civicmic know this. In order to reduce costs you hired this landscape company. If I’m not mistaken you didn’t provide homeowners with your decision?

    1. Hi P Elliot,

      Thanks for reaching out. The contract with the landscape company name is located in the data center on CivicMic; homeowners can review it at this location. Click here if you would like to review. I will reach out to you directly to get clarification on other information you are looking for.

  2. I noticed when performing maintenance for bushes on Hilborn Road only the part of the plant that protrudes into the sidewalks are trimmed but the top of the bushes are left to grow taller. This is not how the plants should be maintained. Also trees need to be maintained and wilderness park with peacocks needs more attention. This landscaper takes many shortcuts and does not maintain Rolling Hills very well. Staked trees are not repaired as needed. Bark has been missing in our court for years and irrigation is not maintained which makes plants die.

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