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Update on Maintenance Services LLMDs 7, 11, and 13

In this post, CivicMic shares the update on maintenance services from the City regarding LLMDs No. 7, 11, & 13.

Update on Maintenance Services

On May 17th, the Public Works Department provided an update to the community regarding a plan to ramp up landscape maintenance services pursuant to the approval of the one-time loan. This plan was slated to start in June. Unfortunately, there has been a delay from the private contractor because of limited resources. Over the past week, Public Works and its contractor (New Image) have been diligently working to complete the ‘baseline’ services outlined in the reduced service contract, and this past weekend the contractor caught up with these tasks. Public Works met with the contractor this week to further discuss the additional services, including weed clearing and landscape clean-up and will provide an update as soon as the contractor is scheduled to start this work.

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11 thoughts on “Update on Maintenance Services LLMDs 7, 11, and 13”

  1. When will the Paradise Valley Golf course start paying into the LLMD 11. Is LLMD 11 still paying for Manual Campus parkway?

    1. Hi Scott,
      Landscape maintenance at the Paradise Valley golf course is paid for with revenue generated by the golf course and is accounted for in a separate fund. LLMD funds are not used to maintain the golf course. The Manuel Campos Parkway is part of the Paradise Valley LLMD and the residents who live there do pay assessments for enhanced services.

      1. You didn’t answer Scott’s first question, will the Golf Course ( City of FFD ), join the Residents as an Assessed Property, located within the LLMD?

        1. Hi Rick,
          Thanks for your question.
          We don’t have information yet for how future assessments will be generated until the Engineers perform their analysis and the Engineer’s Report is ready. Once we have that, we will let the community know. But currently, the Golf Course is not maintained by LLMD funds.

  2. What is BASELINE SERVICE. Basically you said we were supposed to provide baseline service, whatever that is, but could not because the new contractor did not have enough people to do it. So sooner or later the ‘BASELINE SERVICE’ will be done.,
    Clear as mud. Good job people.
    Amazingly ambiguous.

    Spell it out for heaven sakes. We did not do this that or the other thing in this that or the other area but it will be done sooner or later.
    Who proofs this stuff for Civic Mic?

  3. When we vote on a new maintenance district for LLMD 11, I’d like to consider UPGRADED service because the City does not provide them due to budget constraints, specifically tree maintenance on internal streets. Maybe others have ideas. Yes, it will cost a bit more, but it will get done.

  4. Roxanne Phillips-Bradley

    Cliffwood is in need of baseline service if my understanding is correct. The green space between the sidewalk and street weeds are overtaking young plants previously installed by city. Is there a maintenance schedule available for the area. Homeowners can assist the city with monitoring.

  5. I dont understand this statement: “Over the past week, Public Works and its contractor (New Image) have been diligently working to complete the ‘baseline’ services outlined in the reduced service contract”.

    I thought we approved a loan to restore the services the previous maintenance landscaper was providing …

    Now it says a “reduced service contract” … What he heck is Public Works doing.. we need pros running that department in in my opinion.

    1. Hi D Smith,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      This post is regarding the status of services in June 2022. The purpose of this post was to let property owners know that at that time, even the reduced services were delayed despite the approval of the loan due to limited resources. However, the contractor was ultimately able to catch up with the baseline tasks outlined in the contract.

      If you need more clarification, please let us know.

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