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Weighted Amounts Rancho Solano Assessment District

In California, an assessment district is a group of properties that are charged a special assessment to pay for specific services or improvements specific to the needs in their area. Here we will break down the assessment district weighted amounts (Rancho Solano, LLMD-5).

Property owners submit a ballot to cast their “yes” or “no” position to approve an assessment district. Each property owner's ballot is weighted based on the amount of the assessment that they would pay if the assessment were approved. The more an owner would pay, the more weight their returned ballot carries in the tally.

Property owners requested that we break down the share of the total assessment by property type. We want to be very clear that this is a breakdown of the share of the total assessment. The ballot tabulation will be completed using only ballots which are returned. So ,the share of total assessment may not reflect the share of ballots cast.

For an assessment district to be approved, the total amount of assessments represented by the ballots returned in favor of the assessment must be greater than the total amount represented by the ballots returned against the assessment. This ensures that property owners with the largest stake in the assessment have a greater say in whether it is approved.

Assessment District Weighted Amounts: Rancho Solano

Assisted Living 29,929.26 3%
Single Family Residence 782,201.69 71%
*Public 237,721.03 22%
Multi-Family 38,647.18 4%
Undeveloped 6,232.43 1%
Total 1,094,731.59

*Public refers to a piece of real estate or land that is owned by the government or a public entity. This may include parks, public buildings, and other infrastructure that is maintained by the government for public use.

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