What Do We Pay For?

What Do We Pay For? Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7

Today's post by CivicMic is one of many in the thematic series of the what, where, when, how, and why about the City of La Habra Heights Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7. The intent of the thematic series is to answer your most pressing questions like...what do we pay for?

If you own property in the City of La Habra Heights, then you most likely have a charge in the County secured property tax bill for the Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7 and asked yourself this question: What do we pay for?

The assessment contributes to the maintenance of the roads and corresponding drainage throughout the City. The ongoing maintenance activities include:

  • Roads - Crack sealing, deep patching, skin patching, grinding, and leveling.
  • Roads - Slurry sealing, asphalt berms, cape seals, micro-surfacing, and overlay.
  • Roads - Clearing slope encroachments and vegetation removal.
  • Drainage - Ditch cleaning and clearing of vegetation, culvert clearing, and catch basin cleaning.
  • Drainage - Culvert clearing and flushing, and construction of asphalt berms.
  • Drainage - Reconstruction of inlets or installation of new inlets and culverts to improve drainage facilities.

It is worth noting that the assessments contribute a portion of the annual street maintenance cost as the City contributes the remainder from the General Fund. For example, the total amount budgeted for Fiscal Year 2018/19 was $894,436 to which the assessments contributed $396,376 and the General Fund contributed almost $500,000.

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